Monday, 11 February 2013

My New Design Board

I'm excited to be using my new design board for the first time today.

Shabby Chic baby quilt top

I have seen these in the blogging world and in our online quilting group, Quilt Club Australia, and have wanted one for ages. When I discovered that my best friend Fiona had one, she told me all about how easy it was to make AND gave me her left over flannel. Thanks BFF! Here is her design board....with her amazing blocks on it.

Source: Primal Hippie Girl

It's a piece of cornflute from Bunnings covered with flannelette and hung up with two skirt hangers. Simple but oh so practical.

Living in a two bedroom unit and having a 2 year old who has more stuff than me, I have a serious lack of space. Usually I will move his playmat off the floor at night to lay out quilt tops. I will still have to do this with larger quilts but now for my baby quilts I can just put it up on the design board.....and be able to leave it there! Hooray!

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  1. So glad you love yours too!!! I love the fact that they are portable so you can move it around depending on light etc and also just put it away if need be ... yay us :) xx