Monday, 16 April 2012

The Amy Quilt

This lovely quilt went to it's new home yesterday. Well, sort of, a very good friend of mine purchased it for her Mum for Mothers Day. So it's yet to make it to it's new owner, but I'm very confident that it will be loved.

Unfortunately I can't take all the credit for this one. The only thing I did was piece the top. My intention was to get it finished for the Lavender Farm Craft Fair last week but because I do all my pinning and quilting at my Mum's house, and I can only do this on weekends, I pretty much ran out of time. So my wonderful Mum ended up doing it for me, and she even hand stitched the binding! Thanks Mum! 

The Amy quilt started out as leftover 5.5" squares from a couple of quilts my Mum had made, one of them being mine. I had the perfect amount to make this lap quilt, which ended up being approximately 45" x 55" (113cm x 138cm). The fabrics are by Amy Butler, mostly from her Love range. 

I love this quilt so much. It was very hard to part with it. But I think I will just make myself one very similar, but bigger.

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