Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Son Is So Funny

I just had to share this funny thing that my son did yesterday.

I was unpacking from Monday's market and I was laying my quilts out flat on my bed, as I don't like folding them up. When I unloaded the car last night I had laid them over my dining table. I was walking back and forward from the dining area and laying them out one by one on my bed. Master 2 started following me, and when I had done the last one, I heard him say "And my Dr Seuss quilt". I walked into the bedroom to see this....

He had grabbed his Dr Seuss placemat off the dining table and laid it on top of the other quilts. I love how he called it his "quilt". So cute he is.

This placemat is one of a set made by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts. She blogged about them here.

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