Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Urge To Start Something New

Today I woke up with the overwhelming desire to make baby quilts. This morning I'm having some fabric play for inspiration.
Really, when I get the urge to create I should work on those numerous WIP's in the cupboard. But sometimes, to get back into the swing of things, you just need to start fresh with a new project.


  1. I agree. Sometimes a new project is just necessary. Particularly when those gorgeous owls are just looking at you like that. Have fun! :)

  2. Oh I agree - especially when you're really in that zone for something new, go with it! Gorgeous fabrics!
    You don't want sewing to feel like a chore when you have to work on WiPs! :)

  3. oh - gorgeous fabrics you have there! I totally agree with Kristy about not wanting your sewing to become a chore!
    Can't wait to see your finished creation.