Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Amy Butler's Cameo Sew-A-Long Contest

Some of you that know me will know that I am a huge fan of Amy Butler fabric. My mum sent me an email last night with the details of Amy Butler's Cameo Sew-A-Long Contest. Funnily enough, I had purchased a Cameo 10" square pack and a 5" square pack only a few weeks back. It arrived in my post office box today. I have taken this as a sign.

I have decided on a quilt layout. My original idea included a solid navy fabric (I have a thing for navy at the moment) but I went into my local quilt shop today to have a look and have come out with something completely different in mind. A dark grey cross hatch print. It really makes the colours of the Cameo fabrics pop! I have a gift voucher to spend and Monday will be the start of a big sale, 30% off everything, so I will go and purchase it then. 

This one will definately be a keeper.

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  1. Your mum is so up to date with fabric stuff. My mum does not get on the Internet at all but she tends to buy from this one home business with similar tastes and classes. Good luck with your project.