Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday Stuff

Mum, Master 2 and I went to the annual Geraldton Patchwork Club Craft Fair on Sunday. Lots of beautiful quilts on display as well as the chance to buy quilts and all things crafty.

Here are my purchases. A Lorax fabric fat quarter (for the I-Spy stash) and a cupcake pincushion (thanks Mum).

Yesterday I hit my local quilt shop to get the grey fabric for my Cameo quilt. I also picked up this fat quarter of Joel Dewberry Herringbone in Pond and a fat eighth of this Prints Charming Starburst fabric.

Master 2 and I are having a quiet afternoon after going to see Peter Combe in concert this morning. He was fantastic and I think some parents enjoyed it more than their kids! 

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  1. Oh! I really wanted one of those pin cushions last year, but I didn't buy one and have regretted it ever since! I should have asked you to get me one too :) Good thing Mum and I have already decided that we are NOT missing the Geraldton quilt fair next year!