Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My New Machine

My old Bernina sewing machine is probably older than me and still going strong, but it's not big enough for me to do my quilting on so I do all my quilting on Mum's Bernina 820. This gives me problems with being able to complete quilts quickly as I can only do this on the weekend when Mum isn't at work.

Last week Mum had to go to Perth for work. I asked her to get me a price on a new machine if she was going to Burnells. This is our nearest Bernina dealer and where she purchased her 820 from. I had spoken to a few girls via the Quilt Club Australia group on Facebook who have the Bernina 440QE and they had nothing but good things to say about it. This is what I had in mind for a new machine. 

So I was surprised when Mum phoned me and said that they had the 550QE on sale and they would give her a further discount, she would pay the deposit as an early Christmas present and then I could pay it off over 12 months. Sounded great to me! 

I went from just wanting some prices to having a brand new machine two days later! 

Last night I decided to test it out on a quilt. I grabbed out the little top I had made for one of my Blankets of Love. I quilted it, finished it, and it turned out perfectly. 

My favorite things about my machine so far are the extension table and the seam guide sole on the walking foot. It made my machine binding an absolute breeze and lovely and straight on the back. 

I can't wait to start practicing and learn how to free motion quilt!

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