Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Very Merry HST BOF: Block 1

Because I need yet another WIP, I decided to follow along with Blossom Heart Quilts 'A Very Merry HST BOF'

It's only six blocks to make a mini quilt at the end. A block a fortnight, a small project and a good way to use up my Christmas fabric scraps.

Here is my version of Block 1: Tinsel

Unfortunately I missed the part where it says 'Press seams open and trim your HSTs to 3" square' so my block is actually 12.5" instead of 10". Whoops! I thought I was being so competent not having to trim my HST's. It's ok though, Alyce said that all I have to do is not trim them for the rest of the blocks.

A Very Merry HST BOF

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  1. I read this on my phone last night when it popped into my reader and may or may not have woke my husband up just so that I could show him that someone's blogged about my HST BOF!! He may or may not have mumbled something nice before rolling back over...

    I love it Waverlee!!