Thursday, 23 August 2012

Farrah The Travelling Fat Quarter Stash

I have been absent for a few weeks. Absent from my blog, absent from sewing, absent from my regular everyday life. Sometimes life gives us something that just turns everything upside down and takes us away from our regular routine. It also seems that when this happens, everything else just seems to go wrong along with it. This has been my life for the past two weeks.

Fortunately I had a nice little surprise on Monday in my post office box. It was Farrah, the travelling fat quarter stash. Farrah was organised by the lovely Bronwyn of Stop That Owl. She is 50 fat quarters travelling the country to those who nominated to recieve her. When she arrives you can take out as many fat quarters as you like, and just replace them with the same amount and then send her to the next recipient (who doesn't know she's coming). You can see Bronwyn's blog post about Farrah when she left for her journey here. After doing her rounds of the east coast she certainly looks a bit different now!

Farrah as I received her
What I took out
What I put back in
I really like what I took out, and already have some plans for it, and I got some good feedback on what I put back in so I'm happy. Looking forward to following Farrah's progress as she nears the end of her journey.

Thanks Bronwyn :)

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  1. beautiful, what a lovely lot of fabric.. glad you could use one of mine. :)