Monday, 6 August 2012

Sunday Stash # 8 (On Monday)

Better late than never I always say!

This week I purchased some Kona fabrics to go with the Summersville charm pack I got last week.

Kiwi, black, red, tangerine, snow and cyan

I always have a look and see what else I can fit in my envelope and I found this pirate fabric on sale. I'm stashing pirate fabric to make a pirate quilt for Master 2. I got half a yard for $2.49.

Pirate Treasures - Skull Toss in Sky

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  1. Love the solid fabrics you've added! Perfect colours to match Summerville!

  2. Oh yes I love Summersville too and these are great choices. I will keep my eye out for any more pirate fabric around...sometimes the Halloween prints could double up.