Friday, 31 August 2012

I Heart Batman

Master 2 is obsessed with Batman at the moment. He has never seen a Batman movie, cartoon or comic before. It's all because of the Batman Monster Truck. He loves Monster Trucks. Particularly the Batman one. I'm quite proud of him because I am a HUGE Batman fan. I have always loved the Batman films, especially the last three.

 When we visited our local quilt shop last week he spotted the Batman fabric. He was in his pram and he told me that he had to hold it. He has been cranky lately as he has a nasty cold, so to keep him happy while I shopped, I let him hold the bolt. This resulted in him not wanting to give it up when I had made my purchase and it was time to leave (much like I don't want to leave certain bolts of fabric there when I leave haha).

I thought about getting some to stash for the I Spy quilt I want to eventually make him but it's quite a large print and it would get lost in small squares. So I told him we would think of something to make with it and get some next time. I was texting my Mum about it later that evening and she suggested I make him a pillowcase with it. Perfect!

I looked up, and found, this tutorial and the next day went back to get the fabric. I chose a nice bright fabric for the cuff.

This week I finished it, along with a pillowcase for my cousin to co-ordinate with her Ballerina's & Bugs quilt. 

I think I just might have to make myself one to match :)

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  1. The pillowcase is perfect. Smart mum. I think you should definitely make yourself one too. ;)

    Thanks for linking up to TGIFF.

  2. Sweet! Isn't that hilarious how they can love superheroes before they even know the stories behind them? My guys did that too -- so bizarre. Lucky boy!

  3. what fun! A pillowcase is such a great idea. What a fun way to give him some batman.

  4. Ooh, what a great idea!! Like with M-R, my son loves Superman and the logo without even having a clue who he actually is. The power of advertising!!