Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I Won A Giveaway!

My friend Fiona over at Finding Fifth had a giveaway a few weeks ago to try and get rid of some of her "fugly" fabrics. This also included a prize where she would make the winner a little bag out of one of the fabrics. I entered thinking that I wouldn't mind if I didn't win, and guess what? I won! 

It arrived today along with a gorgeous little cupcake and tag, and I just love them all. I'm thinking the bag will be handy for in my son's nappy bag, perhaps with some matchy cars in to keep him amused when we're out and about. Thank you so much Fiona, I will treasure them.


  1. are welcome. I sent 'Quokka Quilts' Laura some of that 'moon and stars' fugly fabric last year...and you got the very last scrap of it. Great size bag for little cars! Pincushion was made by English Rachel of 'Nancy's Tea Shop' on Etsy....she's lovely.

    1. It's just gorgeous. I will have to have a look at her shop next time I'm on Etsy. Which will probably be in a minute lol :)