Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Max & Whiskers Quilt

This is what I was doing yesterday morning to get this sweet little Max & Whiskers quilt finished for the shop. Although I prefer the look of a hand sewn binding, I machine bind all my quilts for the shop as it's much quicker and I like to think that it makes it more secure (I'm not very confident about my hand sewing ability). Yes, those are bobby pins. It makes it so much easier than pinning, in my opinion, as you just sew up to them, lift the foot, and pull them off. No pins getting stuck in the feed dogs.

Since the natural light is so poor in my house, I took Master Almost 2 to the park out the front to take some photos of it. He loves being outside and getting outdoors is a nice way to break up the day when you have things to do at home. 

This quilt would be perfect for a little boy and is for sale here on my Facebook page.


  1. Love the colours in this quilt. Well done. Great tip on binding with bobby pins.

  2. Bobby Pins!! What a great idea! Love the fabrics you have used on this one, I'm always stumped for ideas for Boys quilts :)

  3. love this, and YES Bobby Pins, how ingenius, seriously its stuff like this for me - a new sewer - that really helps!