Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Quilt Club Australia Block Bee

I am part of a group on Facebook called Quilt Club Australia. Basically it's ladies from all over Australia who quilt and we share our projects and ideas. Twenty four of us (two groups) are participating in a Quilting Bee which will run for the rest of the year. Basically, each person has chosen a month, and in that month they choose what kind of quilt block they want, along with colours/fabrics/themes and everybody in the group makes them a block and sends it to them. Which they can then turn into a quilt! It's such a fantastic idea and I'm very excited to be apart of it!

This morning I went and raided the scraps containers at Mum's place.....

....and then went to my local quilt shop for a few extra prints.

Today I allocated February to myself and I chose a String Block in aqua and red fabrics. I did one block using this tutorial to show everybody what I was after. 

I really enjoyed making this block and it was really quite simple. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what the other ladies come up with for me! 


  1. have sprung right into the #2 QCA Bee...and this looks fab. Obviously your mum is a quilter too...but my scrap bin never looks THAT good.

  2. Thanks Fiona! Yes Mum is also a quilter and she taught me the basics. I love that we share a love of quilts and quilting. Our scrap bin (or bins I should say) is a combined effort, a bit of her's and a bit of mine. So I always have a nice selection :)

  3. great fabrics!

    I am doing one of these for a swap this month too!