Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Domesticated Diva Day

Sometimes you can do a lot in one day, but not feel like you have achieved anything. Today was one of those days.

Last night I finished the Amy Butler quilt top that I started this week....

This morning I finished this little quilt top for a special new project that I'm working on....stay tuned....

Master 2 has Playgroup tomorrow and for this week's activity they are painting eggs for Easter. We have to take two hollow eggs along and last week we were given the instructions on how to blow an egg. I had never done this before and it was quite an experience I must say. If you have never done it before, this is how it works....
  1. Make sure eggs are at room temperature.
  2. Take a sewing needle (I used a pin) and make two holes, one at either end of the egg. Make the one on the bottom slightly larger (a little bit smaller than a match head).
  3. Take a large needle and pierce into the yolk (you will know this has happened as there will be yolk on the needle).
  4. Place egg over a bowl with the larger hole down and blow into the top hole. It may take a bit to get going, but once it does, it should run out easily.
  5. Rinse the egg out in a warm solution of water and vinegar and leave to dry.
  6. Make an omelette with the egg! (or in my case, Banana and choc chip muffins!)

I haven't baked for awhile and I had a couple of over-ripe bananas so I used the eggs to make banana and choc chip muffins!

I even managed to make up another Blogger's Bundle (any excuse to look at fabric really).

Earlier this week I announced on my Facebook page that I will be closing my shop in the Old Geraldton Gaol on Saturday. I feel a bit sad about it but at the same time I'm looking forward to it because it will mean that I get more time to spend with Master 2 at home and more time for sewing. I will still be selling from my Facebook page and selected local markets, and will eventually open an Etsy store. 

I was going to make up some binding tonight but I think I will just go to bed and watch a movie. My Mum and Stepdad have an extensive collection of DVD's and lately I have been borrowing from it every time I'm over there. My latest loan is the Godfather collection. 

Ciao for now.

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  1. Your quilt tops are looking fantastic! Nice work!

    Sad to hear about closing down your shop - have you thought about selling on madeit? I've had a bit of luck there.

    Hope the egg painting goes well - brave woman! ;)